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Chisel your Physique with Kickboxing
Anyone who wants to lose weight and tone up is going to be a fan of the kickboxing lessons here at Bodies in Motion. Each facility has at least 32 hanging, 150 pound, soft-filled heavy bags for our members to use. In the kickboxing programs, we show you how to wrap your hands, fit you for gloves, and then put you in the hands of real professional fighters to give you the best workout of your life! The only difference is that instead of punching and hitting each other, where you could get hurt, you work on the pads, the focus mitts, and the heavy bags -- so it's safe!

The Kickboxing training is provided by professional fighters who take you through their very own kickboxing classes including: stretching, skipping rope, shadow boxing, combination drills, bag work, lower-body conditioning, and abdominal work in every class. You are going to sweat like crazy! The average person burns between 700 to 1200 calories per hour! You will develop a hard body look by stripping the body of fat while simultaneously developing long, lean muscle tissue as part of doing the kickboxing training.

Grab Personal Training at the Kick Boxing Lessons
The kickboxing classes are unbelievably fun too. We at Bodies In Motion provide you individual personal training for the classes with loads of music and fun all enfolded in one. In the one-hour extensive regime, our skilled instructors take a personal interest in teaching you the best methods that will suit your body type. Personal training with our instructors will help you master the correct techniques of kickboxing lessons thereby becoming more agile and developing focus. Kickboxing is also a great way to relieve stress - take your anger out on the pads! Everybody has lots of fun as they punch and kick into the best shape of their life. By the way, we have many national and world champions who teach kickboxing here…probably the greatest collection of talent on planet earth. However, not only are the instructors chosen for their amazing credentials, but they're chosen for their charisma and charm and how well they work with people.

Kickboxing lessons at Bodies in Motion, usually comprises of a warming up session which include stretching and push ups and further moves with regular training session. Group classes work best in the kickboxing training where you can train and practice with others to increase your fitness, flexibility and confidence. Kickboxing lessons at Bodies in Motion are simply fabulous as they are fun loving with lots of music under the expert guidance of skilled instructors.

Women Learning and Enjoying Punches Too!
Kickboxing is not just for men. In fact, most of the Bodies in Motion kickboxing programs have more women and girls involved. Each kickboxing class includes all aspects of a professional kickboxer’s regimen like punching, kicking, blocks, footwork, abdominal work, lower body conditioning, etc. In the kickboxing classes, women are encouraged to take responsibility of their own training, and learn self-defense techniques to help protect them in today’s crazy world.

No matter what your starting fitness level, the kickboxing lessons will help you move to the next level…in a fun, rewarding, and exciting environment. And that's why the kickboxing classes at Bodies in Motion are just fabulous!

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